About Us

Founded in 1885 with two employees, James Steele manufactured coiled wire springs and other steel products for a market that has been evolving over decades. In 1897, Steele devised a "People Catcher" for the front of the Sleeman streetcars in order to protect pedestrians from being run over. Due to the "catcher's" success, streetcar lines all over North America adopted the device. As Steele's business grew, it moved to larger facilities including two locations on Woolwich Street. In 1926, the business, under the direction of James' two sons, moved to the former Raymond Sewing Machine plant, which is now the Baker Street parking lot in downtown Guelph.

James Steele built his business slowly by providing quality and innovation to his customers. By the end of his career, he was classified as an industrialist, and although modest in size, Steele Bros., would become one of Guelph's longest lived industries.

Today, Steele Bros. is located on Johnston Street in Guelph, in a 15,000 square foot facility. Utilizing all the latest quality control techniques in manufacturing, and superior materials, we are exceeding the strict demands of customers from all across North America, and carrying forward James Steele's legacy of quality and innovation to our present day customers.